Albion Online is hosting a new and improved version of their annual Rites of Spring event

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Albion Online is hosting a new and improved version of their annual Rites of Spring event

Fantasy sandbox MMORPG, developed by Sandbox Interactive, launched an expanded version of its annual – but first-time on mobile – Rites of Spring event to celebrate, well, Spring. This event brings a brand-new mount, themed treasure chests, and more.

Rites of Spring is, as mentioned, an annual event that has been run within Albion before, but this is by far the largest iteration of it. Included within this celebration of the season is an abundance of content, such as the new Spring Cottontail mount. This mount can specifically be raised from special eggs that you’ll gather through doing any content during the runtime of the Rites of Spring.


Along with the mount, we’ve got massively increased treasure rates in the open world, with literally all of the content in-game giving you even more rewards than it already does. One of the rewards you may receive is the Spring Treasure Chests, which drop event-themed loot such as new armour, weapons, and consumables.

Speaking of event-themed loot, during the runtime of this event players also have the opportunity to purchase the Eggsecutioner vanity weapon in the marketplace for real-world money. This is an egg-themed skin for any weapon you wield, letting you get truly in the spirit of the holiday. Finally, we’ve got Colored Eggs as well, which are basically just more chances at event loot that may drop as you do content throughout the course of the celebration.

For all of the exact details about this event, you can check out the official patch notes on the Albion website. And if you’re interested in getting involved with this high-fantasy sandbox MMO, you can find Albion for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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