Chris Brown’s New Baby Daughter Looks Just Like Him! (Even Down To The Red Gucci Romper!)


Chris Brown has released an adorable shot of his third daughter in celebration of her 3-month milestone.

Chris Brown


R&B superstar Chris Brown took to Instagram to celebrate his youngest child reaching 3 months. This is the first time Chris has revealed his youngest daughter whereas his other children Royal and Catori Brown are posted on his Instagram page. 

The singer shares his youngest daughter, Lovely Brown, with Instagram model Diamond Brown. From the looks of it, the two share the same last name but are not married. 

Congratulations to Chris and Diamond on their “lovely” bundle of joy.

Chris Brown's Baby

The baby announcement is a welcome change from the recent assault allegations about Chris Brown. 

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Chris Brown took to Instagram to clear his name. Back in January, the singer was accused of rape. A lot of his fans and peers were skeptical when the allegations emerged. Many people were quick to jump on the bandwagon to bash Chris, but what he posted on Instagram surely shut some haters up. 

Chris Brown shared on social media a revealing voice message of the woman who accused him of rape. The text messages between Chris Brown and the alleged victim revealed that Chris “ghosted” her a year prior to the allegation, exposing a major gap in the woman’s story.

After dropping the audio bomb, Breezy followed up on the story with a video with the caption “I’ll wait…….” 

Team Breezy will be taking legal action against the alleged “victim.”

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