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Fears man, 91, killed in blast may have bought appliance to ‘deal with energy price rise’


A PENSIONER who died in a gas explosion may have bought a new appliance in a desperate bid to get through a ‘cold snap’ amid spiralling energy costs, his brother fears.

Wythenshawe: Huge emergency service response after ‘explosion’

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Frank Burton, 91, died in the blast which tore through his home in Wythenshawe, Manchester, yesterday evening. Speaking from the scene, Frank’s brother Philip said he feared his sibling may have purchased an appliance to “help with the cold snap in anticipation of rising energy bills”.

Philip, 71, believes this device caused the blast, though this has not been confirmed by officials, reports Manchester Evening News.

“He was good character and a good guy,” Philip said today.

“The explosion is typical of gas. Whether that’s mains gas or if he had something in to help with the cold snap and anticipating rise in energy he may have bought something.”

All three windows at the front of the house have been smashed, as well as the front door.

The scene of the incident in Wythenshawe

The scene of the incident in Wythenshawe (Image: MEN Media)

Frank, a widower for around 10 years, was “highly respected” in the motoring industry in Wythenshawe, a suburb in south Manchester.

Philip continued: “Frank was in the motor industry, he used to do body work and was highly skilled and respected. He was a dad of two.

“This is a chap who when he was working once went ballooning over the Grand Canyon. He was an occasional visitor to Las Vegas. I haven’t been able to reach Frank for some time, he was deaf.

“He was deaf because he got blown out of bed during the War during The Blitz in Manchester.”

Emergency services remain at the scene

Emergency services remain at the scene (Image: PA)

Cadent workers and fire officers remain at the scene and are carrying out investigations.

Parts of the property appear to have been left charred by the smoke.

Neighbours, who were evacuated last night, said they felt their homes “shake like an earthquake”.

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