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Go Behind The Scenes On Zheani’s ‘Designer Sadness’

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It’s her explicit new video…

Robin Murray

09 · 03 · 2022

Dirty Hit signing Zheani is blazing a trail.

The Australian artist’s brash, uncompromising rebel-pop vision melds together tropes more commonly associated with metal alongside the glaring gloss of 2k22 production.

It’s a potent elixir, one her army of fans are in thrall to – just check out the eye-watering streams for her appropriately titled single ‘Napalm’.

New EP ‘I Hate People On The Internet’ is incoming, and it demonstrates Zheani’s multi-disciplinary creativity.

Her single ‘Designer Sadness’ is out now, and the Mik Shida directed video displays a meta-verse that illuminates Zheani’s imagination.

Speaking about ‘Designer Sadness’, Zheani says: “‘Designer Sadness’ is about the insecurities forced into our minds by corporate marketing psyops and the sad ugliness of consumerism.”

Discussing the video, Mik Shida adds: “I edited for 200 hours in just 20 days and now I feel dizzy.”

Watch the video below, then find some exclusive BTS snaps up top.

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