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‘God help us!’ Kamala Harris mocked over ridiculous oversimplification of Ukraine crisis


KAMALA HARRIS has been mocked after giving a ludicrous oversimplification of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, at one point comparing sanctions against Russia with punishing a naughty child.

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The US Vice President made the remarks while speaking on the phone to The Morning Hustle radio programme. When asked to break down the complex situation in layman’s terms and how it would affect people in the US, Ms Harris provided a dramatic oversimplification.

She said: “So Ukraine is a country in Europe, it exists next to another country called Russia.

“Russia is a bigger country, Russia is a more powerful country. Russia has decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine.

“So basically, that’s wrong.”

She went on to then oversimplify the package of sanctions that came as a response to Russia’s invasion, comparing them to parents threatening to punish a naughty child if they did something wrong.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has been mocked on Twitter (Image: Getty Images )

Kamala Harris

The Vice President compared sanctions against Russia and punishing a small child (Image: Getty Images )

She said: “We had sanctions before the actual invasion.

“We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in.

“You know like if you’re a parent and you tell your children ‘Well, if you do this, the punishment is gonna be that’ Right?

“And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing. Right?

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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris said sanctions had been imposed before the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Image: Getty Images )

“So that’s where we started with the sanctions but then when Russia actually went in, we are now implementing the sanctions. So putting them in place”

Social media users took to Twitter to blast Ms Harris for the interview, with many in pure disbelief that she is the current Vice President of the US.

One user, @johnnye1, wrote: “Is this satire? This can’t be real.”

Another user, @Military_VA, wrote: “We’re not sure she’s thinking before she talks?”


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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris said that sanctions were a deterrent (Image: Getty Images )

Dan Wootton

Dan Wootton blasted Ms Harris on Twitter he said “god help us” (Image: Getty Images )

A third user, @mikeminded__, wrote: “She has to explain it simply for her voter base to actually understand.”

GB News presenter, Dan Wootton, wrote: “This woman is one heartbeat away from the presidency. “God help us.”

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