‘MUH GREEN ENERGY!’ Pete Buttigieg says tough t*tty to Americans struggling with crazy-expensive prices at the pump (watch)


You guys, Pete Buttigieg says we’re all just stuck with crazy price hikes at the pump until we give up fossil fuels and rely on green energy and stuff because … he doesn’t really know why, it’s just what he’s been told to say.

Over and over again.

He’s reading from notes. Maybe appointing a guy with no transportation experience to this role because he was gay was not the brightest thing for Biden to do. Just sayin’.

BUTTIGIEG: “Until we achieve a form of energy independence that is based on clean energy,” get used to price hikes. pic.twitter.com/UMWBrVPe9R

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 3, 2022

And Pete smiles as he says it … wow.

Anyone else sort of reminded of how Peter Strzok mockingly grinned knowing there would be no consequences for his actions? Yup, that’s what Pete’s face looks like to us. Welp, until we have green energy you peons will just have to deal with it.

‘Alfred E. Newman has chimed in’. ~ ~ @SecretaryPete, “Until we achieve a form of energy independence that is based on clean energy,” get used to price hikes. pic.twitter.com/hy3F1SIMJE

— SgtPepper1964 (@SPepper1964) April 3, 2022

What a toad.

Clean energy is a myth. Just like Pete’s qualifications.

— LaughAtLefties (@LaughAtLefties) April 3, 2022

From a pure price argument the form of energy would never matter so long as we can convert it to a form we use. His argument regarding it necessarily having to be clean is his preference, not an economic argument.

— NotJohn (@SpaceNotJohn) April 3, 2022

No, it’s political

We know.

Until you stop hiking the price of transportation, get used to hiking the price of everything else.

— Dave Hmm (@DaveEckels) April 3, 2022

FU, Pete.

— The USA Patrioteer 🇺🇸 (@USAPatrioteer) April 3, 2022

That works.

Screw you Pete

— Lisa (@kittywhisperer7) April 3, 2022

That works as well.

This is their plan. They’re actually happy about rising gas prices.

— Candy Lamb (@candylamb47) April 3, 2022

It was their goal all along.

C’mon November …



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