Muslims advised against returning to sinful life after Ramadan


Monday, May 2, 2022

Timothy Owoeye

Timothy Owoeye

Timothy Owoeye, the speaker of the Osun House of Assembly, has urged Muslim faithful to imbibe lessons learnt during Ramadan and not go back to a sinful life.

Mr Owoeye stated that ”the period of fasting teaches Muslims to be more pious, disciplined and self-control, while shielding their hearts from greed and immorality.”

The speaker in a statement on Sunday to commemorate the end of Ramadan called for tolerance and understanding of Nigerians to move the country forward.

He also asked for harmonious relationships among Nigerians for stability and development.

Mr Owoeye held that the month of Ramadan presented Muslim faithful with an opportunity to reignite their faith by not engaging in acts that can take away their rewards from Allah.

“We as Muslims must ensure that the lessons we have all learnt during our fasting period must be written in gold in our subconsciousness, we must all strive never to go back to our sinful ways. The good deeds during Ramadan must continue,” the speaker explained. “It is on record how fervently we have always prayed for a better society during the Holy month. Now that Ramadan is over, we should endeavour to continue to pray for the good of the land, and always learn to speak positively to the development of Nigeria.”


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