No-bake Easter cookies: Colourful sweet treats for the kids

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With Easter a few days away and the kids at home, we have just the recipe for you to put smiles on their faces. These no-bake Easter cookies are not only easy to prepare but colourful and cute.

Made of oats, corn flakes, mini eggs and peanut butter, these sweet treats are the perfect treat for little ones. When prepared, these cookies are reminiscent of little bird nests with bright coloured eggs.

Tips when preparing these no-bake Easter cookies

After mixing the ingredients together and dropping dollops of the delicious mixture on a baking tray, place three mini eggs immediately on each cookie. It is important to do it immediately so that the eggs become part of the cookies.

Ensure you cool the cookies long enough in the fridge so that they can set properly. Store for one to two weeks in the refrigerator or three to four months in the fridge.

Relive your childhood with these dainty Easter cookies.

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