NRMA turns on new EV charging sites, making Sydney to Broken Hill roadtrip possible


Electric vehicles will now be able to make the drive from Sydney all the way to Broken Hill, after NRMA added the final piece of the network of fast chargers along the Barrier Highway.

Thanks to new 75kW Tritium fast chargers at Wilcannia and Cobar (already on Plugshare), NRMA has connected the 1,150km trip between Sydney and Broken Hill, an important unlock for EV owners in regional NSW.

These new chargers were delivered thanks to a partnership between the NSW Government and the NRMA which will see at least 20 fast chargers to extend the regional electric vehicle travel network and support regional tourism.

Minister for Regional Transport Sam Farraway said completing the charging network across the more than 1150km journey is an important milestone for regional NSW.

The completion of this route is another signal that electric vehicles are no longer just for the inner city, we are seeing more and more take up of electric vehicles across the state and the NSW Government will continue to ready infrastructure for their take up.

Not only is this a win for EV drivers across the Barrier Highway, but it will also open up the region to more tourists and more travel.

These fast chargers can charge a vehicle in 30 minutes and are located in the heart of each town to allow visitors to get out and explore, spending money in local shops and picking up a coffee or meal that will support the local economy.

The charger at Wilcannia will have symbolic meaning for the area, with the chargers decorated with artwork painted by local artist Eddy Harris to represent river fish.

Minister for Regional Transport Sam Farraway

NRMA Head of Electric Vehicle Charging & Partnerships Suzana Barbir said the unveiling of the Wilcannia and Cobar chargers would open up the region to visitors and give more choice to local residents looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles are the future of motoring in Australia and the NRMA is committed to making the transition to electric vehicles smooth and beneficial for our Members and all Australian motorists.

NRMA Head of Electric Vehicle Charging & Partnerships Suzana Barbir

EV chargers are located at no more than 300km intervals from Sydney to Broken Hill, including Wilcannnia, Cobar, Dubbo, Parkes, Orange and Lithgow.

Transport for NSW and the NRMA are providing chargers for other routes that will connect NSW with Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

To find out more about Electric Vehicles, including charging locations, visit Transport NSW.

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