Oldest woman to get inked; 105 year old flaunts multiple tattoos…

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A 105-year-old gran is believed to be the oldest woman to get inked.

Epifania Maria de Jesus Mendes hopes to get her name in the Guinness World Records for the oldest woman to get tattoos.

The great-great grandma, from Brazil, turned 105 years of age on April 7 and she has her eyes set on achieving a world title.

To celebrate her huge milestone, she got a golden key inked on her arm, along with the phrase “Only love builds” two days later.

Now she is seeking another belated birthday present – to get featured in the Guinness World Records book.

With her latest, Epifania boasts four tattoos, which include a hummingbird drinking nectar on one thigh and a red rose on the other.

Epifania Maria de Jesus Mendes

The 105-year-old hopes to get her name in the Guinness World Records

The first tattoo she got was of a floral arrangement as she says she has no plans of stopping her inking procedures soon.

Epifania was born in the state of Bahia, in north eastern Brazil, in 1917, and she has 18 children.

Adding up her kids, her grandkids, her great-grandkids and her great-great-grandkids, she boasts a family of over 100 people.

Her grandson, a musician named Engels, accompanied her for her latest tattoo.

He said: “The tattoo idea first came on her 90th birthday.

“I thought it was a joke, but she took it seriously.

“Not only did she get that one, but she got others at the age of 98 and 101.”

Engels, who is from the south-eastern Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, said the family tried to talk her out of getting more tattoos.

Epifania Maria de Jesus Mendes

She currently has four tattoos

He added: “Because of her health, we tried to convince her, but it was impossible.

“She swore at me and said she had 18 children and it wouldn’t be a problem.”

It is not clear if the family has already got in touch with Guinness.

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