On the Beach throws shade at Magnum’s mocked OOH

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Holiday experts On the Beach chose to create its own billboard to poke fun at Magnum’s mocked OOH.

The Unilever ice-cream brand was ridiculed for placing an ad in Manchester that read, “The only thing that can make lying on Piccadilly Gardens even better”, with a bold image of a Magnum ice cream.

Locals took to social media to mock the brand, citing that the ad was out of touch, because Piccadilly Gardens had suffered a rough winter that had left it bereft of grass and was known as a spot high in crime, antisocial behaviour and drug use. Not exactly the place to kick back and enjoy an ice cream.

On the Beach has reacted with a reminder for Mancunians, placing a mobile outdoor ad spot below Magnum’s.

Its ad, created in-house and placed by Goodstuff read, “Even better than lying on Piccadilly Gardens (ice cream optional)”, with a picture of a man in his swimming trunks on a lilo.

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