Rick Ross Announces New TV Show And The Biggest Boss Car Show

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Rick Ross is expanding his brand with a move into the world of television, as the rapper and entrepreneur has announced a new show focusing on building wealth and becoming successful. While a title for the show and the network it’ll be on have yet to be revealed, Rozay recently spoke on his new endeavor, which is currently in production.

“The time has come, and the perfect time is now,” Ross said. “I’ma go ahead and do me a show. The time is now. It’s going to be about wealth, based on success. We actually filming right now, but I hope y’all are ready for it ’cause I’ma talk some big numbers. Big numbers. This the nine-figure club, you figure? It’s going down like that.”

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The MMG founder’s interest in taking his talents to the small screen may come as a surprise to some, given previous comments he made about 50 Cent and his television show BMF, which Ross poked fun at while balking at its success. “There ain’t enough money in acting,” the Miami native stated, before alleging that Fif “made 250k off the whole season” of BMF. “Your man made $250K for the season doing that. That little season, STARZ TV s**t. What channel is it really?”

Speaking of shows, Ross has one of another kind forthcoming. The rapper recently announced his The Biggest Boss car show, which will take place at his home, “The Promiseland,” and give three attendees the opportunity to win a $25,000 custom-made VVS diamond key pendant.

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