The 8 ‘Girls’ Moments We Can’t Stop Thinking About, One Decade Later

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This is such a minor moment, but it cuts to the heart of why I will always be madly in love with the deranged, fast-talking, occasionally deeply insightful Shoshanna Shapiro. In this scene from Season 1, Episode 9 (“Leave Me Alone”), she tells world-weary Jessa that she (gasp!) made an Internet dating profile, saying she got a message from a “great-sounding guy” whose name is Bryce (“um, hello, good name”) and who “works in product development, which is perfect for me, because I love products! And he’s Jewish.” Ten years later, watching this scene still has the ability to make me sick to my stomach with laughter, because, well…it’s so real. When I was 22 and still dating men, I probably sounded a lot like Shoshanna, and my putative interest in a guy often boiled down to the essence of “I love products!” Ah, fresh-out-of-undergrad Emma. Ah, Shoshanna. You guys would have been friends. —Emma Specter, culture writer

“Your Dad is Gay”

I realize we’ve featured a lot of Hannah/Elijah moments, but it’s for good reason. Their chemistry is undeniable, even (especially?) when they’re sniping at each other in classic passive-aggressive liberal-arts-college-grad style. In this scene from Season 1, Episode 3 (“All Adventurous Women Do”), Elijah is coming out to Hannah after their college-length relationship; she’s obviously making it about herself, but luckily, he’s so self-absorbed he barely notices, and frankly, that’s why their friendship works. Elijah gives as good as he gets, telling Hannah, “You might want to take some steps back through your other boyfriends. And, not for nothing, maybe take a look at your dad.” Hannah doesn’t want to hear it, even when Elijah reminds her that her father wears a stud in his ear, but TBH, Elijah turns out to be right on the money. Despite Hannah’s attempt to have the last word, Elijah levels her with “It was nice to see you. Your dad is gay,” and my heart rejoices. —E.S.

Shoshanna’s Drunken Beach House Rant

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